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LockQuest July Recap and Puzzled Pint August

LockQuest July Recap and Puzzled Pint August

July saw a small but appreciative group of players at LockQuest, with a big incredible record set by one very well-practiced team. Read on for last month’s Puzzled Pint standings, and to see what we’re up to this month! The Jul of my Eye Puzzled Pint attendance dipped a tiny bit in July, with 66 players joining us at a mist-drizzled Madison Avenue Pub for cheap eats and Portland-themed puzzles. Though we must stress (for some reason) that it’s not a competition, we were especially wowed by team Just Roo It’s completion time of a blazingly fast 25 minutes! Hey Just Roo It: chew your food before you swallow! your browser does not support iframes! August Stats Escaped: 5 teams Would Have Escaped if They’d Only Had 15 More Minutes: 9 teams Average size of successful teams: 9.4 players Average size of unsuccessful teams: 7.2 players If you missed your team photo on Facebook, you can always check our gallery of Heroes and Victims for your photo! This month, one of our teams set a shocking record. When we asked the group if they had any advice on how to play escape games, and they pulled out a blog article they’d written with ten fantastic and meticulously written tips, we knew we were in for a special game. Ladies and gentlemen, our 198th team escaped the Book Club Killer with no hints. It posed only a small problem for us, as LockQuest has been praised for having one of the best hint systems in Toronto, but this team would never know it! We swallowed our pride and congratulated them... read more

LockQuest June Recap and Puzzled Pint July

As Pan Am pandemonium grips Toronto, we’re not quite sure if the city is filling up with tourists or emptying itself of locals! While some folks were charged for scamming the HOV lanes by riding with mannequins, and others mourned the loss of a roadkill raccoon in Yorkville, these were strange days indeed in Hogtown. June Puzzled Pint Standings We had another large crowd of 75 people join us for Puzzled Pint in June. Even the Firkin on King wait staff got in on the action! Although it’s not a competitive event (on paper), here are the standings from June (on paper). your browser does not support iframes! June Stats What about the June standings at LockQuest? Well, a full third of June’s book club members escaped death. Here are some numbers: Escaped: 5 Nae Escaped: 10 Average size of successful teams: 8.6 players Average size of unsuccessful teams: 7.4 players Did you catch your team photo on Facebook? Remember, you can cruise through newspaper clippings of all of our past Heroes and Victims on the LockQuest website. LockQuest Climbs to #1 on TripAdvisor What’s more fun than the Rogers Centre, Second City, and BATL axe-throwing league? LockQuest, apparently! Thank you all so much for your amazingly positive reviews of Escape the Book Club Killer. You’ve rocketed us to the #1 spot on TripAdvisor’s list of Fun & Games in Toronto, and for that, we thank you! (Although we hear axe-throwing at BATL is pretty fun! Check them out!) And the Winner Is… We started up a new Fun Thing in June. After your game, leave us your email... read more
Scoobies Find Real Corpse in Haunted Hospital

Scoobies Find Real Corpse in Haunted Hospital

Like, zoinks! A group of Mississippi ghost-hunters on the prowl for spooks in a creepy abandoned hospital stumbled upon the actual corpse of 69-year-old Sharon Wilson. Who they gonna call? 9-1-1, most likely. Two men were arrested following the grim discovery. Read Police ID body found by ghost hunters at old hospital – CBS... read more

One-Minute Time Machine Has Minor Flaw

We stumbled upon this delightful short-subject film called One Minute Time Machine. It explores (hilariously) the repercussions of time travel, no matter how minute. We’re massive fans of time travel at LockQuest! We’ve even put together a Pinterest board of every feature-length time travel movie in existence. Time travel movies are hit-and-miss. For every gem like Back to the Future, there are a dozen duds. So where do you start? What are YOUR favourite, lesser-known time travel movies? Let us know in the... read more
The Recipe for a Good Puzzle

The Recipe for a Good Puzzle

BoingBoing has an article about the author’s experience with an extremely expensive, extremely disappointing physical metal puzzle called Isis I that may or may not be a marketplace scam to amass a mailing list filled with rich people. Midway through the article, while bemoaning the way the puzzle works (or doesn’t), the author provides a helpful list of rules that he feels make for a good puzzle: The objective has to be clear and easy to understand without special training. The rules under which the objective is to be achieved have to be clear and understandable without special training. The challenge presented by a puzzle must be primarily intellectual in nature, not physical. Juggling, for example, is challenging, has a clear objective, and operates under clear rules. But it’s not a puzzle. And finally: The challenge must arise as a direct result of the structure of the puzzle and not from some obscured secret. Find out the myriad ways in which the Isis I breaks these rules by reading the full article: Read Isis Adventure: Worst. Puzzle. Ever. – BoingBoing – BoingBoing What’s the worst puzzle you’ve ever tried to solve, and what made it bad? Tell us all about it in the... read more


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