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Note: A paper copy of this waiver will be provided for you to sign before your game. You do not need to bring your own copy.




THIS RELEASE IS MADE BETWEEN, [print name of participant] __________________________________, age [insert age if younger than 18] _____ on his/her own behalf and on behalf of his/her Parent/Guardian, Personal Representatives, Heirs, Agents, and Assigns (individually and collectively the “Releasor”), AND LOCKQUEST INC. and its Directors, Shareholders, Officers, Employees, Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Successors, Assigns, and Licensees (individually and collectively referred to as “LockQuest”);


IN CONSIDERATION for the participation in the LockQuest live action escape the room game (the “Game”) and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by you and LockQuest, you agree as follows:


The Releasor, hereby represents and warrants that: (i) he/she has chosen on their own and unhindered discretion to participate in the Game (the “Participation”); (ii) Releasor is aware that while no part of the Participation requires excessive use of force or exertion of energy, navigating stairs/uneven footing, confined spaces and instances of restricted movement can be a part of the Game; (iii) Releasor is of good health and is not aware of any health or medical condition which could be aggravated by Releasor’s Participation, or which could jeopardize or adversely affect the health or safety of any other participants in the Game; (iv) Releasor acknowledges that the Rules of Conduct and this Waiver are available online prior to Releasor ordering/acquiring their tickets for the Game and that they were made aware of and have reviewed the same in advance of signing this Waiver; (v) Releasor acknowledges that LockQuest has no knowledge of the health or medical history of Releasor or any participants and that the Releasor assumes any and all responsibility for his/her Participation; (vi) Releasor acknowledges that LockQuest is relying on the contents of this release.


Except for the gross negligence or willful misconduct of LockQuest, the Releasor hereby releases LockQuest from all actions, claims and demands including all liability for personal injury, loss of life, damages (whether general, punitive, or special), and all expenses or costs (including legal fees) related thereto incurred by the Releasor and in relation to the Releasor’s Participation.


Releasor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold LockQuest harmless from and against any claims by or on behalf of Releasor, as well as any claims relating to Releasor’s Participation including without limitation damage, injury, or death actually or allegedly caused or contributed to by Releasor.


The Participation may be recorded on CCTV with or without audio, and still photographs may be taken.  Releasor agrees that LockQuest may, but are under no obligation to use any recordings of the Participation featuring Releasor solely for promotional purposes in any language or form including but in no way limited to film, internet, social media, television, video, mobile, satellite, uni-directional or interactive, single or cross/multi-platform, or any other form of transmission, communication, or dissemination now known or hereafter created, universe (physical or virtual). Releasor waives any and all moral rights to their Participation.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF this Release is executed at


_______________________, (City)________________________, (Province or State)


this _____ day of ___________________, 20____.



____________________________________                        ____________________________________

Print Name:                                                                  Print Name: Parent/Guardian of Releasor

The Releasor                                                                I am the lawful Guardian of Releasor, have read and agree to the terms of this Release on behalf of Releasor.