Rules of Conduct


  1. Honour the Do Not Touch signs.
  2. No running or climbing.
  3. The fire extinguishers are real - use them only in case of  a real fire. Emergency keys are in boxes at each door. The fire escape is behind the curtain. If the fire extinguishers or emergency keys are used, or the rear fire door is opened, an emergency will be assumed and the game will end.
  4. Be careful around glass. Nothing needs to be unscrewed, dismantled, or forced apart. If it seems like it would take a lot of effort to put something back together, please don’t take it apart. Anything more than a nudge is too much touch.
  5. Don’t eat or drink anything you find in the room.
  6. Don’t write on or mark up anything but the LockQuest notepads.
  7. Don’t put anything in your pockets.
  8. No cell phones.
  9. LockQuest reserves the right to refuse service to players who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or are in any way intoxicated.
  10. Depending on weather conditions outside, players may be required to remove their footwear to play.