Escape the Book Club Killer

Tickets are now on sale now for November and December.

You have one hour. He has all night.

From the moment you entered that apartment, something seemed off.  Now, you and the other book club members are locked inside, left with a sinister promise from your unhinged host that he'll "be back in an hour."

Can you sift through the pulp fiction novels, cryptic clues, and articles left behind by last week's murdered members, to find the front door key and escape?

About Toronto's Best Escape Game

In Escape the Book Club Killer, you will be locked in a real apartment with up to eleven other players. You and your team must work together to communicate, exchange clues, and discover the secret to opening the front door.

Your challenge is to escape in one hour or less, before the Book Club Killer strikes again.  Pulsing with pulp and packed with puzzling props, Escape the Book Club Killer is a group experience you won't soon forget!

Tickets for Escape the Book Club Killer are now on sale for Feburary and March.

"LockQuest puts an interesting twist on the room escape genre. Cooperation is not only recommended, but essential to success. The attention to detail makes you really feel like you're part of an immediate ongoing story.

Being threatened with murder has never been this much fun!"

- Andrew

"The best Escape the Room game in Toronto.
Hands down. If you want fantastic immersion instead of frustratingly difficult, poorly designed 'puzzles', you'll love this one."

- Andy

"The quality of the puzzles at LockQuest is top-notch, and they're very satisfying. Go try Escape the Book Club Killer right now -- it's a memorable experience from start to finish.
You'll love it!"
- Mare

"What a great time! We couldn't stop talking about the experience all night!

Can't wait to play another!!!"

- Emmanuel