Today's guest post comes from Ronald Denton, AKA the Book Club Killer. Take it away, Ron.


This April Fool's Day prank is for advanced pranksters only, and comes with a good deal of setup. But in the end, the payoff is well worth it!

Sneak into the bathroom.

First, take a pin and punch tiny holes in the toothpaste tube.

Then, run a sheet of plastic wrap across the mouth of the toilet, and put the lid down.

Next, take some conditioner or hand cream or any other white cream, and dab some on the ends of all the cotton ear swabs.

Get some food colouring tablets, unscrew the shower head, and put them inside. Screw the shower head back on.

Finally, put on a scary mask and hide behind the shower curtain. When the guy wakes up and comes into the bathroom, murder him.