How many time travel flicks are there, really? We've put together a Pinterest board with posters from every time travel-related movie we could hunt down.

179 Films About Time Travel

It's by no means a complete collection - there are probably a number of foreign movies missing from the list, and it's suspicious that Wikipedia's collection grows exponentially the closer it gets to the present. Either the production of time travel films has proliferated to Moore's Law-esque rates (which is likely), or Wikipedia authors have an easier time remembering recent films (which is also likely).

Of course, this is not a curated list of the best time travel movies out there. A quick glance at the IMDB ratings for all of these movies while we assembled the board revealed that criticism isn't kind to time travel. Our top picks, once you get past the obvious Back to the Future recommendations, include Timecrimes, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Safety Not Guaranteed, and the first two minutes of Mike Judge's Idiocracy.

One teevee movie that caught our eye more for its concept than its execution (it has a mediocre 6.0 IMDB rating) is Thrill Seekers, which is about a reporter who notices that the same man shows up in the background of photos from the biggest disasters throughout the 20th century. Cool idea!

Time travel is an immensely popular theme that's notoriously difficult to execute well. It's shown up in a handful of escape games but, as with film, its full potential remains untapped.