Whenever I've returned home from a catered event in downtown Toronto with lax security, and I see people begging for food or cash on the streets, especially around Christmastime, I wonder if those folks couldn't make out like bandits with a decent jacket and a convincing haircut. It turns out that event crashing, or "ligging," is a real thing, and is practised by at least 50 single men in London, as The Guardian reports:

Rigby’s hobby is attending events where there is free food and booze. Later tonight he’ll drop in at a nearby mixer for networkers, and then, if he fancies it, a talk at the University of the Arts London. He calls what he does “ligging” – which means gatecrashing with intent to snack.

Ligging is in keeping with the escape game ideals of valuing secrecy and pretending to be someone you're not. But could you do it without getting discovered? What's the worst that could happen - ejection from the art gallery? Frowny faces? The story of Tom Rigby is a fun one, if only to live vicariously through his actions.