April marks the halfway point in LockQuest's year-long existence. As we do at the end of every month, let's look at the freshly-posted Puzzled Pint standings from April:

Not bad for a bunch of Canucks! April was the second-ever month that Toronto hosted Puzzled Pint, a monthly worldwide event that takes place in 17 cities around the world, including Chicago, Montreal, Portland, London, and the latest addition, Milwaukee!

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated

Puzzled Pint Strikes Back this coming Tuesday May 12th. Where will it be held? What's the theme? All these questions and more will be answered when you solve the Location Puzzle that will be posted this weekend on puzzledpint.com!

Keep your eyes on the official @puzzledpint Twitter account to be notified the moment the Location Puzzle is posted!

Ryan will likely not be able to attend this month, as he's returning from an overseas trip that morning. In his stead, the unbreakable Kimmy G will join Mare as Puzzled Pint Toronto Game Control. You're in good hands!

March Door Prize Winner

This month's door prize of two free tickets to play Escape the Book Club Killer at LockQuest has been won by (drum roll please) Christine, formerly of Milwaukee!! Congrats to Christine. We'll be contacting her privately with her prize.

Book Club Killer Standings for April

April brought a pretty even split between liberated book clubs and littered body parts. The big news is that the staffers from Toronto's famous board game cafe Snakes and Lattes came in at the end of the month to smash not only the April record, but the all-time record for Escape the Book Club Killer with a blistering 40 minutes and 57 seconds! We don't want to make any accusations here, but clearly there was some time travel involved.


Congrats to Snakes and Lattes! Check out the newspaper clippings for April's other Heroes and Victims.

Mother May I Sleep with Danger?

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Have you threatened your mom with murder? May tickets to Escape the Book Club Killer are now available!