July saw a small but appreciative group of players at LockQuest, with a big incredible record set by one very well-practiced team. Read on for last month's Puzzled Pint standings, and to see what we're up to this month!

The Jul of my Eye

Puzzled Pint attendance dipped a tiny bit in July, with 66 players joining us at a mist-drizzled Madison Avenue Pub for cheap eats and Portland-themed puzzles.

Puzzled Pint Toronto July

Though we must stress (for some reason) that it's not a competition, we were especially wowed by team Just Roo It's completion time of a blazingly fast 25 minutes! Hey Just Roo It: chew your food before you swallow!

August Stats

Escaped: 5 teams
Would Have Escaped if They'd Only Had 15 More Minutes: 9 teams
Average size of successful teams: 9.4 players
Average size of unsuccessful teams: 7.2 players

If you missed your team photo on Facebook, you can always check our gallery of Heroes and Victims for your photo!

This month, one of our teams set a shocking record. When we asked the group if they had any advice on how to play escape games, and they pulled out a blog article they'd written with ten fantastic and meticulously written tips, we knew we were in for a special game.

Ladies and gentlemen, our 198th team escaped the Book Club Killer with no hints.


It posed only a small problem for us, as LockQuest has been praised for having one of the best hint systems in Toronto, but this team would never know it! We swallowed our pride and congratulated them all the same. And just to wow us further, their escape time was only 43 minutes, just shy of the all-time LockQuest record of 40:15. To call them a force of nature would be giving too much credit to tornadoes.

It's Raining Tickets - Hallelujah

Every month, we do a draw for a full game's worth of tickets as a thank-you to player who dutifully fill out our post-game survey. This month, our draw winner is bryan_b. Congratulations! We'll be in touch via email.

We also do a door prize draw from Puzzled Pint for a pair of LockQuest tickets. Remember: you can enter every month, even if you've already entered (or even won!) before. This month's door prize winner is dan.b.297. Well done! It's apparently a good month if your last name starts with a 'b'.

Flagrant Puzzling

Puzzled Pint runs tonight at a familiar location, which you will discover by going to puzzledpint.com and solving this puzzle:


Join us from 7-10 pm. Ryan and Kim are your friendly neighbourhood Game Control. Recommended spend is about $15/person on food and/or drink, and the puzzles are always free! See you all tonight!