As Pan Am pandemonium grips Toronto, we're not quite sure if the city is filling up with tourists or emptying itself of locals! While some folks were charged for scamming the HOV lanes by riding with mannequins, and others mourned the loss of a roadkill raccoon in Yorkville, these were strange days indeed in Hogtown.

June Puzzled Pint Standings

We had another large crowd of 75 people join us for Puzzled Pint in June. Even the Firkin on King wait staff got in on the action!


Although it's not a competitive event (on paper), here are the standings from June (on paper).

June Stats

What about the June standings at LockQuest? Well, a full third of June's book club members escaped death. Here are some numbers:

Escaped: 5
Nae Escaped: 10

Average size of successful teams: 8.6 players
Average size of unsuccessful teams: 7.4 players

Did you catch your team photo on Facebook? Remember, you can cruise through newspaper clippings of all of our past Heroes and Victims on the LockQuest website.


LockQuest Climbs to #1 on TripAdvisor


What's more fun than the Rogers Centre, Second City, and BATL axe-throwing league? LockQuest, apparently! Thank you all so much for your amazingly positive reviews of Escape the Book Club Killer. You've rocketed us to the #1 spot on TripAdvisor's list of Fun & Games in Toronto, and for that, we thank you! (Although we hear axe-throwing at BATL is pretty fun! Check them out!)

And the Winner Is...

We started up a new Fun Thing in June. After your game, leave us your email address, and we'll enter you in a draw to win one free game that you can gift to friends, family, or roving bands of complete strangers that you accost on the city streets!

This month's winner is Tracey from the June 27th game. Congratulations! We'll be in touch with you by email.

Puzzled Pint July - The Pintening

Bummed out that you didn't win tickets? You've got more chances! Join us on Tuesday as Puzzled Pint takes over an entire floor of the [REDACTED] pub.

Where's that, you ask? Why, try completing the location puzzle on the website to see if you can discover this month's Toronto location! Then, join us on Tuesday July 14th at 7pm for a free evening of puzzling!* You could even win a pair of tickets to LockQuest as a door prize.


*Note: while Puzzled Pint is a free event and puzzle printing costs are sponsored by LockQuest, ordering a glass of tap water like a miserly pinchpenny is not cool, and will make it more difficult for us to find a pub for future events. We recommend you arrive hungry and/or thirsty. Wherever Puzzled Pint happens to be, the nachos are probably yummy!

The Dream of the 90's is Alive

The latest Puzzled Pint city to join the fracas is Atlanta Georgia, bringing the total number of participating cities to eleventy billion. This month, we celebrate the city where it all began five years ago, Portland Oregon, with which we're all intimately acquainted thanks to the informative travel documentary series Portlandia.

Join us for Puzzled Pint on Tuesday as we put a bird on it!