Hey, puzzle people! Before we post the March Puzzled Pint standings, it's incumbent upon us to reiterate that Puzzled Pint is NOT a competition. It's a free monthly event that's open to everyone, regardless of skill level. There are no winners and no losers at Puzzled Pint.

With that out of the way, here are the winners and losers from last month's Puzzled Pint. ;)

You can see the other cities' standings here on the Puzzled Pint website.

March 2015 was the first-ever Puzzled Pint in Toronto! We set an attendance record for a first-time Puzzled Pint location, and we managed to not burn the place down our first time out! Icarus mileage in other cities varied:

Oh, Pittsburg.

Oh, Pittsburg. You flew too high.

Door Prize Winner

We've randomly drawn our door prize winner. Karen Montain is the lucky recipient of two vouchers to play Escape the Book Club Killer at LockQuest. Hooray!

Thanks to everyone who entered. We'll draw another door prize draw at our next event.


Puzzled Pint Rides Again on April 14th 2015, 7pm-10pm at [REDACTED]. Look for the location puzzle to be posted the weekend prior. We'll announce it on the LockQuest and PuzzledPintTO Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as by email. See you at the next event!

DASH Toronto Needs Volunteers


Speaking of puzzle firsts in Toronto, DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) is like Puzzled Pint writ large: an Amazing Race-style puzzle rally spanning the entire city. DASH 7 is coming to Toronto this May for the first time ever, and the organizers are looking for volunteers. Visit their website at PlayDash.org for more info.