LockQuest is in the news! Here is a collection of media reviews and stories about the best escape game company in Toronto, and our debut experience Escape the Book Club Killer.
Words like “wit,” “imagination” and “style” don’t usually describe [escape games]. Until Creighton came along.
Richard Ouzounian

Theatre Critic, The Toronto Star

Escape the Book Club Killer is an excellent group experience.
Daniel Kaszor

Evening News Editor, The National Post

The types of puzzles and overall flow of the puzzles kept us interested and on our feet. Would visit again in a heart beat.
Christina and Jon

Bloggers, CJ Noms

LockQuest is a far more personalized experience than any other escape game I've played.
Manda Whitney

Reviewer, Escape Room Addict

I’d give [Escape the Book Club Killer] a strong recommendation, especially for big groups like a team event or a birthday.

Blogger, Toronto Room Escape Reviews

Six colleagues and I were recently murdered. It was a lovely experience that I’ve since recommended to several of my friends.
Chad Sapieha

Reporter, The National Post

All we can say is you will either have a good time or a GREAT time at LockQuest.

Escape Games Review

LockQuest is the latest company to join the astonishingly fast-growing global phenomenon.
Peter Nowak

Special Contributor, The Toronto Star

This is much different from the other escape room places where they hustle you through the rules, collect money and waivers, and throw you into the game room.

Blogger, stenoodie.com

There were little touches that made the experience more personal and fun... and that lead me to recommend LockQuest to any puzzle or escape room aficionados out there
Andrea Fort


It was so much fun that I can't wait to do it again. Highly recommended!
Diana Mancuso

Blogger, TorontoTeacherMom.com

"Escape the Book Club Killer" appeals to our nerdy sensibilities.


If you are in the area, it is definitely worth a try!