After its inaugural outing last month, Puzzled Pint Toronto smashed the record for the largest opening of any of the event's 18 cities (yes - 18! Milwaukee launches in May.) The free event held in March at the Artful Dodger pub in downtown Toronto saw 38 puzzlers across 11 teams thinking their way through a set of fascinating Greek mythology-themed head-scratchers.

This month, we're at it again! Click here to solve April's location puzzle to find out where Puzzled Pint will be held on Tuesday April 14th.

About Face

The theme this month is The A-Team. For the uninitiated, the A-Team was a smash hit 80's action show about a group of special forces commandos who are framed for a crime, and they spend each episode on the lam, helping people in need even as they're hunted by their own government. It's the same structure shared by many late 70's-early 80's shows, including The Incredible Hulk and The Littlest Hobo, except that it replaced green monsters and German shepherds with explosions and Mr. T.

To a T

Mr. T as B.A.Baracus. The B.A. stands for "Bad Attitude."

Mr. T as B.A.Baracus. The B.A. stands for "Bad Attitude."

Ah, Mr. T. If you're too young to have enjoyed the show, know only this: Mr. T is the one of the greatest human beings who ever lived.

There were some great aspects of the A-Team that feel like they're lost to time. The first is that it made a great "co-viewing" experience: parents were entertained by the plot, and kids liked it because all the boring talking parts were punctuated by things blowing up. And there was Mr. T. Who doesn't love Mr. T?

The other great thing about the show was its accompanying toyline. Remember: this was they 80's, so everything had to have toys. The A-Team toys were big, chunky figures with tons of accessories, and no figure had more cool accessories than - you guessed it - Mr. Friggin' T.


You might know the A-Team from its 2010 attemped reincarnation as a feature-length Hollywood blockbuster, and if that's your point of entry, we're truly sorry. Much like the Michael Bay G.I. Joe movies, something was lost in translation. And that something ... was Mr. T.

To prepare yourself for the flood of nostalgia on Tuesday night, or to ensure that you can hold your own in an inevitable conversation about Mr. T, here are some educational videos for your enjoyment and edification. See you at Puzzled Pint on Tuesday!