Hey Makers!
Hey, makers! How do you design and build a video game in real life?

Come experience LockQuest, a real-world place where the puzzles and traps of a virtual video game can be seen, touched and solved.

We're inviting Toronto's maker community to play our debut game, Escape the Book Club Killer. In it, you and your team will be trapped in a serial killer's apartment for one hour with only your wits to save you. If you don't escape in time, you'll all be horribly murdered!

Stick around after the game for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to design and build a real-life video game, and brainstorm ideas on how to build a new tamper-proof prop for the game.

Toronto Maker Festival attendees are invited to play at LockQuest with a 25% discount on tickets.

Check your email for your secret discount code. Use it at our online box office before you choose a date and time for your game.
See you soon! Book your game today.