CP24 reports that the York and Peel Regional Police have pooled their pennies to offer a $100k reward for the capture of the Vaulter Bandit, who has been connected to 19 bank heists over the past 5 years. The Vaulter Bandit is so-called for the way he leaps over the counter during his robberies, and not because he's a Romanian guy named Walter. We think. Jury's still out on that, because he hasn't been caught.

Police to announce $100,000 reward for 'Vaulter Bandit'

He can't be scoring much dough if he's on his 19th robbery. When you're knocking off banks then really, one oughta do it. Unless, of course, it's not about the money, but about the thrill of the act?

At any rate, in only takes one Vaulter Bandit apprehension for you to walk away clean with a cool hundred K. Get on it, detectives!