LockQuest Inc.

1204a Yonge St.

Toronto Ontario Canada

Local: (416) 781-0281

Toll free: 1-877-610-0123

Email:  info@lockquest.com

About Escape Games

Live escape the room games are real-life versions of online puzzle adventure games. You and your friends are physically locked in a room for one hour. You have to collect clues and solve puzzles to find the front door key and escape.

What do we mean by "puzzles?" Let's say you have a jar with a key inside, but the lid doesn't unscrew. Etched into the top of the jar is half of an intricate design. In a nearby wooden box, you find some pieces of engraved metal, each one similar to the jar etching. You find the one that matches perfectly and place it on the jar lid. After a satisfying "click," the lid loosens. The piece of metal has unlatched a magnetic lock inside the jar! You open the jar and retrieve the key.

About LockQuest

LockQuest is Toronto's only escape game company founded by a professional game developer. Continuing the trend of real-life interactive experiences have swept through America, Budapest, Southeast Asia, and most of the globe, LockQuest transports you to a different time and place where only your wits and your communication skills stand between you and your success. A Toronto original, LockQuest is 100% Canadian-owned and operated.

The LockQuest Difference

Are you an escape game veteran? Here's what we do differently:

Fun matters. We'll never break our own rules or deliberately frustrate you to keep you from winning our games.

At LockQuest, we want you to have a fantastic time, so we tailor your game experience to make you feel good when the game ends, whether or not you escape. Hints are free and plentiful. We use immersive techniques to move your game along at a fun and engaging pace. At LockQuest, you're the star of the show from the moment you walk in the door.

Immersion matters. Did you ever wonder why Dr. Wily left his castle littered with power-ups to help Megaman defeat him?  Escape games can leave you confused as to why the number of flowers in the potted plant is the key to a padlock combination across the room.

LockQuest games are backed by story and purpose. There is logic underlying where you are, how you got there, and why you're trying to escape.

Experience matters. LockQuest is founded by a veteran game developer with 15 years of professional game design experience, and a background in theatre and improvisation. LockQuest has puzzles that feel fair, and are a delight to discover.

LockQuest presents a tightly knit series of clues, hiding places, and "aha" moments that make you feel clever - not cheated - for discovering them.